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angeline dining
angeline samples
angeline remodel
angeline art eny roland
angeline local fabric 43
angeline terrace
angeline ceramics 43

the beautifully created dishes of alberto blanco, the creative chef of angeline are the inspiration

for the design of the new location of angeline.

the new establishment is located in the city of guatemala and provides a neutral yet luxurious

canvas for the colorful culinary creations of its renowned chef.

dining at angeline is always a wonderfully tactile and visual experience, welcoming guests to enjoy it all.

in the pictures: the terrace and the dining with a piece by eny roland hernandez (mask).

apart from the one showed in the picture here, this very talented artist also made a the huge 6 x 5 meters artwork for the restaurant (photo soon!). also some pictures of the local ixcaco (raw cotton) pillows made for angeline that served as the inspiration for the restaurant's color palette and some samples we made for the lighting of the restaurant. 

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